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HCI Engineering Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Advisor: Stefanie Mueller

During my summer internship at MIT CSAIL, I worked on new techniques to combine different 3D printing methods. I look forward to sharing our exciting progress with you once our research is published!

Magnetically Actuated Soft Capsule Endoscope for Fine-Needle Aspiration


D. Son, M. D. Dogan, M. Sitti
2017 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Best Medical Robotics Paper Award Nomination

This paper presents a magnetically actuated soft capsule endoscope for fine-needle aspiration biopsy (B-MASCE) in the upper gastrointestinal tract. A thin and hollow needle is attached to the capsule, which can penetrate deeply into tissues to obtain subsurface biopsy sample. The design utilizes a soft elastomer body as a compliant mechanism to guide the needle. An internal permanent magnet provides a means for both actuation and tracking. The capsule is designed to roll towards its target and then deploy the biopsy needle in a precise location selected as the target area. B-MASCE is controlled by multiple custom-designed electromagnets while its position and orientation are tracked by a magnetic sensor array. In in vitro trials, B-MASCE demonstrated rolling locomotion and biopsy of a swine tissue model positioned inside an anatomical human stomach model. It was confirmed after the experiment that a tissue sample was retained.

Robot Compiler
Robot Compiler

Laboratory for Embedded Machines and Ubiquitous Robots, UC Los Angeles
Advisor: Ankur Mehta

The Robot Compiler (RoCo) is a web-based system developed to facilitate the design and fabrication process of printable robots through a user-friendly interface. Currently, the development of personal robotic devices remains out of reach for the average user, due to the large amount the technical knowledge, time, and resources needed. With RoCo, users can design and program robots in a GUI, and then generate printable patterns, electronic specifications, and executable code to assist in the fabrication of the robot. I was responsible for writing unit tests for Python scripts, and also came up with use cases and designed mockups for a new user interface.

Haptics Technology for Touch Screens

Haptics & Robotics Laboratory, Bogazici University
Advisor: Evren Samur

The focus of this work is to develop a new tactile display using the principle of electrostatic vibration that will allow users to feel virtual elements on a touch screen such as textures, edges, etc. We aim to develop an active multi-touch system that could be integrated into the current portable electronic devices. I was responsible for modeling the setup as an electrical circuit and make computer-aided simulations.

Personal Projects

Social Network: Dostluk Atlasi

Dostluk Atlası is a social network for the Turkish-speaking audience in the world. It allows people to find pen pals from all over the world, helping them establish new friendships while improving their Turkish skills. Due to its user-friendly interface, it is very easy to sign up and use the website. If you, too, want to make friends from all over the world, improve your Turkish or help others improve their language skills, sign up now on www.dostlukatlasi.com!
I developed Dostluk Atlası as part of my final project at BILSEM – Center for Science and Arts (National education center for gifted students in Turkey). It has been developed using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Mobile App: BUton (2016)

Advisor: Ilke Ercan

BUton is a mobile application developed to make it easier for people to ask for help when in a dangerous or unsafe situation. I developed the iOS version of BUton in collaboration with the Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee at Bogazici University. Its main target group is women who are assaulted or harassed, and have no one around to help. BUton can send an SMS to predetermined people when launched. This SMS includes a preset text stating the emergency situation and optionally a Google Maps link that shows the location of the user. This project was featured by CGI U (Clinton Global Initiative University), a program established by President Bill Clinton which brings together college students to address global challenges with practical, innovative solutions at UC Berkeley in 2016.

BOUNav Hurriyet newspaper
Assistive Technology: BOUNav (2015)

With BOUNav, we proposed an assistive technology would equip our university’s campus with digital beacons to facilitate navigation for students with visual impairments. More specifically, we thought of helping students navigate via voice commands by means of a smartphone app that communicates with digital beacons via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). BOUNav was featured by CGI U (Clinton Global Initiative University) at its annual event in 2015, which took place at the University of Miami. The project has been implemented in the building of Bogazici University’s engineering school. The image is an excerpt from Hürriyet newspaper [Turkish].

Design: UIST Student Volunteer T-Shirt (2017)

I designed five different student volunteer t-shirts for the 2017 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST). I won the contest with the design on the left (see all designs here). Looking forward to seeing it in Montreal!